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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What the HELL ~!!!

WELL thats exactly what i was thinking the moment that fist hit me...

here's what happened today ( mind you i am not drunk, i am not making it up and no my blogspot account has not been hacked by stevan speilberg)..

i was returning home from a tiring day at college in the usual 5:08 local from parle to wadala , the day was especially tiring as i had played 2 matches in the RGIT football tournament for my college and also attenended a prof. Ranjana Singh practicals( Folks from the E2 batch in IT 3rd yr engineering will know what i am dealing with here) .Anyways, coming back to the train journey , i am here sitting on the 2nd row of the wooden seating arrangement in the usual 2nd class compartment , doing my usual thing that i do while i travel alone in the local ie nothing, and somewhere between mahim junction and kings circle station , there comes this beggar/drunk/weird/shabby guy and you will not believe what i type next , yeah..he frickin punches me hard..
thats right..he hit me out of the blew , without the hint of a warning ,

yes i repeat ..he frickin hit me ..and i am beeing completly honest here , i DID not do anything to deserve that ( i have said this atleast 20 times today ,10 times to the railway cops at wadala ).

what followed was a very emotional response , emotional not in the way you are imagining right now and grinning , emotional in the way that there were a lot of emotions involved , emotions like bewilderment , anger , puzzledment , irritation , complete shock and surprise at the randomness and probability of the event , i mean common , i seriously would not belive anyone who told me this story nor would i believe a similar stupid blog post.And the manner of this emotional response was an obvious attempt to hit back/defend myself from a future blow/trying to figure out if it was a dream...
well after the initial trade of blows , there was this weird pause...a couple of people in the train took notice but the majority of the people in the compartment hadnt taken notice to this absurdity, complete randomn and weird event.After this pause as i began to expect it (however weird it may sound) , came another exchange of blows , he punched me square in the stomouch and the rib cage , i just punched wherever i could make any contact , a complete mad and blind attack on some sort of a completly unforseen predator(if i can use that word) in a couple of minutes around 2-3 people separated us and the sometheres began to quiz about what was going on , and i just couldnt believe at what had just happened, i mean i had no idea why the guy started hitting me , i ask this again .. why o why..

well the ending is somewhat the usual , we got down at wadala , i reported the guy to the RPF (cops at the station) after explaining my version of the bewildering event to 3 different cops , they finally took down my complaint and i got permission to go home , having given them my contact details . will take sometime to get over this , writing this down here probably helped..


ps. im so fucking glad i don't remember any of my dreams and that all my nights are dreamless and peacefull , so whatever nightmares i might have , fortunately i shall not remember any of them in the morning :D.
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