Saturday, August 10, 2013

Facebook is snooping on me

So I am writing this to collect my thoughts and memory about the time when facebook began snooping on me.. I bet someday in the near future we will know this to be a fact, but I have not yet seen facebook admit this so I will assume they are not doing this. so here's what happened

I met an old friend and we happened to discuss naruto. I mentioned to her that I recently started watching the original and she was talking about shippuden  the next chapter in the series and how she will send me a link for me to watch. The next day she pinged me the link, and I thanked her. I opened the link, checked out the site for a few mins, went on to do other things and forgot about the whole thing. Now this morning (a couple of days later) I open facebook and I see naruto posts ( posts talking / sharing naruto stuff).
This is bad, facebook is not supposed to sniff  my browsing (if at all from external websites using facebook plugins ) ! This made me remember the same thing happening last month. I was discussing star wars with some friends and then I might have googled something related when we were arguing about something silly, a few days later I see more star wars post, I was like what the hell, its almost like the Big Brother feeling, like what the hell facebook, how did you know that ? please don't track my movements like this and try to guess what content I would probably like ! its weird, stop doing it.

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