Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fall 2010 begins

Well this post is in continuation with the earlier post , where i signed off hoping for a great vacation in Atlanta and anticipating the fall semester.

So this is it , FALL 2010 began with a bang , well that's because of 2 things
1) I am a Part - Time TA position in the department, yeah thats right , I teach now , grade and have my own office hours and lab support hours. I quit my dining hall job this semester. :)

2) I went on my 9 day vacation (includes long weekend) to Atlanta :)

The trip was exactly the boost I needed before taking up a really tough semester.It was me and Sheldon who traveled from NJ. We booked our flights from Philadelphia to Atlanta inorder to save some money :). Lucky for us , Sriram and Ashwin were also heading for their long weekend vacation to Portland, and they too like us had booked their flight from Philadelphia. So we got a late night drive from New Brunswick NJ to Philadelphia airport. Meeting Priyam after ages was the highlight , besides the aquariam and six flags trip. I had a great time there, recharged my batteries fully and now prepared for the long fall semester. I dread the oncoming winter though :(

ps. notes on atlanta, definetly visit Georgia Aquariam , Six Flags, Chow baby All American Stir restaurant and the cool student bar named Rocky Mountain aswell.
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