Saturday, July 31, 2010

summer 2010

well, its been a while since ive posted,
not like there are a million views on this page..hahah *grins to self*

so a lot of updates,
I am working at Bank of America, NYC for he summer as a Technical Analyst Intern in the Global Loans and Special Situations Group (GLSSG). Work has been a fantastic experience, got to work on multiple projects, multiple technologies and so many amazing people. Don't want the work to end, dread the fact I won't be working after 2 weeks :(

other than work , life has been a big drag, begining of summer I tore my ACL while playing pissing off, with all the pain,pshyiotherapy and to add things to that, insurance claim got denied coz of improper dates in my medical records ...:@

Its getting a bit hotter here now, day time temperatures cross a 100 Fahrenheit these days , I just noticed my electricity bill ..jumped up from 50 bucks to 121

as I write this , I realise its almost a year since I arrived in the US for my masters, phew..time flies they true !!

signing off

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