Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Investigations , committees , mechanisms , Peace Promises and other bullshit

As the title not really a fan of the reaction that the indian government gives after each of the terror attacks..

its just sad , that a country of 1 billion , the largest democracy in the world , the country with one of the largest army , one of the best defense forces cannot defend its territorial integrity .

I write this after the horrifying Mumbai Terror Attacks on 26th of last month , deeply hurt as those terrorists came into my city , killed the police , killed innocent civilians , hurt our pride , questioned our very status and finally demolished our so called security.

I sincerely hope the indian government finally takes some action , takes this attack personally , and do something to avenge the attacks. i read this off a banner on a peace rally and i think the government should pay heed to it.

Action destroys FEAR
Inaction fuels TERROR

come on ! rise up to the challenge , take stern action against the concerned terror organizations.

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