Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy birthday Namrata ~!!

Place : Vie Lounge(juhu)
Time: 11 pm
well i am sitting at the bar having my drink..sid is almost done with his whiskey andwondering what to have next , priyam is somewhere around i guess , karan is playing with his newfound beard...
aarthi is chatting with sanket (in the black lingo ofcourse) , namrata is drunk, dhrumil is thinking( dunno about what), shy girl is shy as usual, drunk girl is drunk and is at home , tall girl is tall , maitryee* is with priyam i think , amanda ..well i really dunno what she is upto..
the bartender is making 7 taqila shots , dunno who the lucky 7 are...there are 5 screens on the bar , each of them showing advertisements from different channels , except one showing a ben stiller movie..there is a couple sitting at the bar table , guy is having is drink , while the girl is talking about somethin very important i guess, the DJ is playing some crappy stuff and sipping his redbull from time to time (wonder why its not taking effect on him yet)..
been a long time since we all met up..partied..drank..n sang happy birthday..
which reminds me..
happy birthday namrata...hope uve had a good one..


* maitryee is also known as maitree/mamitree/maiytri

ps. Priyam i will get back at you for embarrising me infront of everyone..
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