Tuesday, January 22, 2008

GOA 2008

well , the journey began on 13th january 2008,
a short trip by train to madgoan around 690 kms from mumbai.
We left around midnite on the 13th , and reached on the noon of the 14th.
Its a trip i am not going to forget in a long time to come. Beautiful , luxurious , comfortable , exciting , scintilating , energising , relaxing , pulsating , binge drinking , loads of meat and fish would be the ideal words coming to my mind as i sit down to write this one..

We stayed in probably one of the finest places in southgoa(near majorda) , a magnificent mansion called the jaipuria pepsi cola house. Its maintained by pepsi india and namrata's mausa is currently the manager , so courtsey to him and to pepsi india , we got to enjoy the life of a king for 5 days.
If there was monarchy in goa , and a king ruled the state , I am guessing he would be staying in such a house. Right from the amenities to the beautiful natural floura everything was kingsize , there were lush green lawns , sea facing infinity pools , dolphins in the sea (no seriously , we could see dolphins every mornin from out rooms jumping in the sea ) , the jacuzi , the entertainment unit , the pool room and not to mention the poker room.

The stay was so good , we didn't venture out till the 3rd day of the trip. Since the house was so huge we took some time to cover ground.The 3rd n 4th day we took a trip to north goa to visit the beaches of Anjuna , Baga and Calangoute. The dinners at the beach side shacks with those candle lighting was one of the highlights of the trip , with prawns winning the award for the food item of the trip. We must have had atleast 2 kgs of prawns in the end of 5 days.

This is gettin long n boring so il just provide a short checklist which should summarize my trip.

1) beer - check (3 crates)
2) woman - Check (went with girls :P)
3) food - check (ate like hungry whores)
4) other - who cares a shit...the 3 keys of a succesfull trip are checked.lol


ps. il post images of the trip soon..
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